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Support Services

Simple Solutions has long had a reputation for exceptional technical support, however, did you know the full range of services we offer?

Following on from our previous blog as to why you should engage with us (See our previous blog here https://simplesolutions-uk.com/news/support-part-solution) we thought we’d guide you through some of the specific services we offer. Some may be new to you and some may surprise, take a look at the list and descriptions below:



Support time can be used for device technical support or any of the support services offered by Simple Solutions and agreed tasks will be issued with a tariff per device based on the complexity and device specifics. Our team can run through on-screen training, using our GoTo Meeting account, quickly educating and assisting those that need help or are new to the devices we support.

The packages are selectable based on complexity and budget with pricing aimed to suit all requirements.


Our most flexible package and just buy time as needed.

  • Prepaid, sold by the hour (minimum 2 hours)
  • Rapid and cost effective technical assistance
  • For fixed budgets & timelines
  • All aspects of support
  • Purchased in hourly blocks with a minimum of 2 hours.


For more complex projects, or simply having “an extra member of the team” (as a client recently said). The more time you buy, the more cost effective it becomes.

  • Prepaid, cost effective support time.
  • Long-term technical assistance
  • Highly flexible support access
  • All aspects of support
  • Purchased in 15/30/45/90 hours (or more) blocks of time


For use either when the hardware isn’t supplied by Simple Solutions or when additional equipment interfacing is required, e.g. having to create a specific interface cable, module or adding another element to the telematics device. Ideal for creation of proof of concept.

  • Prepaid, project driven support time.
  • Long-term technical assistance
  • Highly flexible support access
  • Design of bespoke interface (if needed)
  • All aspects of support
  • Purchased in 15/30/45/90 hours (or more) blocks of time


Our ZF-Kits (Zero Friction) are the hardware packages needed to evaluate the devices we offer. Generally bespoke to the client requirements (in terms of functions or features they intend to use) these kits give all the hardware parts likely to be needed in an evaluation. When coupled with one of our ADVANCE or CONSULT packages, the kit can create your complete device configuration, ready for integration to your application.


Moving from the CONSULT package, where a proof of concept was created we can then take you through to complete your production solution. Productionising any bespoke elements and helping to create a robust, tested and ideal solution.


Device sales don’t stop with the supply of ‘factory fresh’ devices. We offer a variety of solutions designed to make device handling and installation as easy as possible for you.

From the sometimes delicate or troublesome task of SIM installation, to pre-loading your configuration and/or making your device ‘install ready’.


Taking the blank unit, ensuring the latest (or appropriate) version of firmware loaded and then adding your configuration to the device. All tested and checked before shipping.


As the name suggested, we’ll insert the SIM for you and provide a spreadsheet with device identifier and SIM details for your convenience.


A combination of the two steps above, ensuring that your device leaves us ready for install.


Our latest service is to offer assistance to those transitioning from one device to another, without having their application modified. At the server side the application will see the expected, integrated, data format whilst as new device is being tested as to field suitability. Once a period of testing is completed then it gives the integration team time to work on the required elements to handle the native data format of the new device.

Customers using this service have found it invaluable in evaluating new devices without the need to modify the application until ready.


Some clients ask us to create bespoke install packages, device, cables, accessories, labels etc. all bagged and identified and ready to make the install as easy as possible while ensuring that the kit will be made up from ‘know good’ elements.

We’ve created kits from simple antenna packages (labelled and packed) through to complex, provisioned devices with whole vehicle looms with and accessory packs.


Something we’ve done since inception of the company. Work with clients to create custom, bespoke, cost effective, competitive and robust cable solutions to help integrate the device and accessories needed into their end application.


Again, something we’ve always done. Need a specific antenna for your solution, we can help design it or get an off the shelf antenna customised to your needs.

Whatever your needs, capabilities or application, Simple Solutions has the telematics support solution you’re looking for, coupled with the market leading devices we offer, it’s a unique and unbeatable combination and here to help you concentrate on what you do best.

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