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Technical Support – Why our customers love it and you would too!

When thinking about creating a blog I decided to go right back to the beginning; to the founding principles of Simple Solutions, so I could find out what is important to us, what is at our core, and why.

We all get caught up in the day to day, and can sometimes lose sight of our goals, and even question why we do what we do. It’s good to take a step back, take a moment and refocus. Simple Solutions was created with the philosophy of being a company that starts with product knowledge and support, then works out. We didn’t want to become yet another company who provides something but doesn’t look at the bigger picture. Through the shared previous experience of our team, we have walked in your shoes, so we understand things from a user perspective. We have equipped ourselves with the knowledge of devices, we understand how they work with your application, so we can provide the best advice. We’re confident we can make the statement we know what we are doing! AND we can share this with you …

Technical Resource:

A great many of our customers are technically extremely capable. They have their own in-house software development team, and a complete hierarchy of technical engineers to manage and maintain their systems. What they don’t have is time! Time is precious to everyone and in a world where working efficiently is increasingly on the agenda, we all look at how our time is best spent. Successful businesses often have multiple projects on the go making demands on everyone’s time. Simple Solutions can act as an extension of your own technical team. Through our time managed support services, we work for you, where you need us, to enable you to progress your projects as quickly as possible. We can write device configurations which meet your bespoke requirements, and make sure they are fully tested ready for you to evaluate. Put simply we do the work, so you don’t have to.

Technical knowledge:

In many cases, the focus for clients is elsewhere within their business; this may be growth, sales expertise or even management. Our technical knowledge of the products we sell is second to none. We work closely with all our manufacturers and offer class leading technical support throughout EMEA. We beta test new products, feeding back ideas for improvement and development, this means we get to know them inside out. We can share this knowledge with you during one of our bespoke training sessions or we can put this knowledge to work on your behalf, you choose.

Evaluation – A solution to a common challenge:

One challenge our customers have presented to us is the time, effort, and ultimately cost, of evaluating new devices. Our solution for this is our device message translation service. Primarily used for our existing customers switching between device manufacturers, however now being extended far beyond this. This saves companies time and resource when moving manufacturer, giving them the ability to quickly and easily make the most of the best products available.

Project assistance/proof of concept/ideas to reality:

A number of customers approach us looking for assistance to develop proof of concept. They have an idea but need help turning it into reality. This isn’t just in the telematics markets, we also work with a wide range companies in non-automotive applications (including healthcare, HVAC and many others) monitoring, on various levels, their critical equipment. We can assist with design and development on your project, applying our extensive technical knowledge to help you achieve something completely new.


We offer a wide range of services in addition to technical support. We can supply your devices ready configured, with your own SIMs inserted, packaged into installer kits and even direct to your own customer if needed. All our services are designed to make your life simpler.

When asked what the most rewarding aspect of providing technical support is, our Technical Director, Nick Lloyd, stated ‘helping our customers deliver robust solutions, especially the ones they thought impossible’.

With all the examples above, and this comment in mind, I think we have mastered what we set out to do right at the beginning. Now, how can we help you?