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What can Simple Solutions do for you?

Back in 2003 we were formed with a straightforward philosophy, making it easier for clients to integrate and use embedded cellular technologies. The idea behind the company was based on historic involvement with embedded communications and how difficult it had been to gather the information needed, the component parts and the technical expertise to make things work.

Although we’ve evolved a great deal since then, moving from component-based products to modules and complete boxes, the philosophy is still the same, making it easy to get the right product, with the right peripherals and the appropriate level of technical assistance to suit the client solution and make it work.

The services we offer now are to allow engagement with clients at all points in their telematics, IoT or M2M journey, from start up to experienced users. We have offerings to suit all levels of experience and the support services to match.

How do we engage?

We start by asking what you want to achieve.

This allows us to offer the correct products, either from our core of products from suppliers such as CalAmp or Queclink, or some of the many other manufacturers products we’ve evaluated or investigated. We’re always looking at new innovative products and technologies, globally, to ensure we have the right products available to us.

So, you know we’re offering the product to fit your needs, rather than modifying your needs to fit the product.

We work at your pace

Once the product is selected we then work with clients to configure devices, add appropriate accessories and offer advice during platform integration.

Ongoing support

Once integration and testing are complete we work with clients to evolve their solutions by adding the latest updates, latest peripherals or modifications needed to configurations.

All devices we offer we’ve tested

Using our own test platform, we fully evaluate any device before we offer to clients, this not only gives us as insight into the device and function, but you can also be sure that our rigorous testing means that devices will perform as expected in your application.

What types of project do we get involved in?

As expected, plenty of telematics and tracking projects but, increasingly, a wider range of IoT (internet-of-things) and M2M (machine-to-machine) connectivity applications. The devices we offer can be thought of as smart cellular modems, with i/o, location technology and event-based triggers, this has lead us to many non-telematics applications, for example:

  • Healthcare equipment monitoring
  • HVAC monitoring
  • Battery management and monitoring
  • Remote asset management and monitoring
  • Remote equipment monitoring, triggering and status
  • and many more…

We offer a complete range of support and commercial services, these have been covered in previous blogs that you can read here:

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Support Services: https://simplesolutions-uk.com/news/support-technical-support-services-and-products

In summary, with our wide knowledge of the devices and technologies available, our in-house technical expertise, the overall experience of our team and your imagination or project requirements, we can help turn your ideas into realities.

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