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GV300N GPRS Advance Vehicle Tracker

Advanced GPRS vehicle tracking unit

  • Multi-band 2G (GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz)
  • Internal GPRS Antenna
  • Internal GPS Antenna
  • 3 digital inputs
  • 2 digital outputs
  • 1 analog input
  • RS232 Serial Port
  • Wide operating voltage 8-32V DC




LMU-2630 GPRS Fleet Tracker

Fleet tracking device with driver behavior

  • Multi-band 2G (GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz)
  • Internal GPRS Antenna
  • Internal GPS Antenna
  • 5 digital inputs & 3 digital outputs
  • 2 analog inputs
  • 2 serial ports (TTL)
  • 1-wire support
  • 3-axis accelerometer




LMU-4520 Heavy Duty Weatherproof Unit

CalAmp’s LMU-4520 is a fully weatherproof dual-mode location and messaging device for mining and construction markets that features both Iridium® satellite and cellular communications as well as connection to the vehicles ECU. The LMU-4520 offers a full set of fleet management features, comprehensive I/O system and expandable accessories, along with an IP67 environmental rating, that makes it an industry leading value proposition.

  • HSPA Multiband
  • GPS (56 Channel)
  • IP67 Rated
  • 3 Axis Accelerometer
  • Low Power Modes
  • Battery Backup
  • Comprehensive I/O
  • Switched Power Serial Ports

Optional Features/Functions:

Built-in SBD9602 Iridium® Transceiver

Built-in J1939/J1708 vehicle bus reader

Built-in OBD2 vehicle bus interface

Built-in WiFi modem

External Antennas (GPS, cellular, combined GPS/cellular)

Serial RS232 Adapter Cable

Connectorized I/O wiring harness



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