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Sold by the hour in 1 hour blocks (minimum 2 hours)

  • Rapid and Cost Effective Technical Assistance
  • For Fixed Budgets & Timelines
  • All Aspects of Support
  • Purchased in 1 hour blocks with a minimum 2 Hours purchase


Prepaid, cost effective support time.

  • Long-Term Technical Assistance
  • Highly Flexible Support Access
  • All Aspects of Support
  • Purchased in 15/30/45/90 Hours (or more) blocks of time


Prepaid, support time for those who don't buy hardware from us OR when integration to host equipment is required.

  • Long-Term Technical Assistance
  • Highly Flexible Support Access
  • All Aspects of Support
  • Purchased in 15/30/45/90 Hours (or more) blocks of time
  • Host equipment integration (Proof of Concept)

ASSIST, ADVANCE and CONSULT packages include all of the Support or Service products listed below, however, for convenience, the services can be purchased in their own right as required and charged on a piece by piece basis as needed.

Clients can (on request) receive a monthly statement of remaining time on the package or warnings ahead of exhaustion and any applicable usage deadlines.

Support (time allocation advised by request)

  • Script development, verification, validation
  • Script and device maintenance and management
  • Device integration and feature assistance
  • Integration assist for hardware devices & features
  • Customer application assistance

Customer training and knowledge transfer

Examples of standard time tariff per task when used from one of the support packages:

Service Mins per unit
Device Scripting 5
Firmware update / FOTA 5
Script update by SMS 5
Device recovery 15
Device Firmware update 15
Out of warranty test / check 20


ASSIST, ADVANCE & CONSULT Support Packages from Simple Solutions

Pre-paid support packages from Simple Solutions are provided under the following terms and conditions:


At the time of engagement Simple Solutions will, based on our experience and understanding of the requirement, produce an estimate of time required to complete the task will be given (and hours may be purchased in line with this). However, please be aware this is an estimate and we reserve the right to advise on the requirement for additional hours as the project develops, then, by mutual consent, we will invoice for additional hours as the need arises. Conversely, if we manage to complete the task(s) within the hours pre-purchased then any remaining support time can either be held and used over an agreed period (for maintenance or additional tasks) or offered as a credit towards any hardware purchases. Unused support time cannot be refunded.


Support time can be used for any of the support services offered by Simple Solutions and agreed tasks will be issued with a tariff per device (e.g. device configuration) based on the complexity and device specifics. Any tariff will be advised and agreed before the work is carried out or before the appropriate package is purchased. A full list of the services we offer can be provided on request but applicable tariff will vary depending on complexity.


It is understood that any works carried out by Simple Solutions is not mission critical and all work is provided without warranty and is at the clients own risk. It is the responsibility of the client to evaluate and test any work provided, within their own system/application.


Customers can expect support for the service to be available during the following UK business hours: Monday - Friday, 9:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.

Support cannot be expected on weekends or on all UK bank/national holidays or during our annual two weeks Winter break (dates vary and will be advised in advance each year)

Support is provided by dedicated email (support@simplesolutions-uk.com) utilising our Desk.com environment and first response would be expected within 4 business hours.

We look to provide the 4 hours initial response time in more than 99% of cases.

Telephone support is by request.

GoTo Meetings by request.

Site visits are by exception and subject to availability, please remember that support hours will be deducted for any travelling time, in addition to time used on site.

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